Regulated Vs Unregulated Brokers

Regulated Vs Unregulated Brokers – Everything You Need to Know to Choose the Best

The Forex market, also referred to as the FX or foreign exchange market, is one of the most substantial, liquid and decentralized markets in the entire world. Traders can see here an everyday trading volume over and above $6 trillion. However, this prevalent trend of forex trading has received much more popularity in recent years, all thanks to the availability of a wide range of opportunities as well as ease of accessibility. 

Anyone who wants to become a forex trader should keep one thing in mind: You have a long way to go, as success doesn’t come overnight! But if you have relevant information, skills and knowledge, you will indeed get there. However, the first and foremost that will prove a significant turning point in your trading career is the broker selection. The broker you choose has a crucial role to play in your trading journey and, ultimately, your success. That’s why it is important to choose the right one.

Regulated vs Unregulated Brokers 

It is very important that the broker you choose for forex trading is regulated and licensed by at least one regulatory body. Why so? Because it’s the question of your capital’s safety. Would you be willing to give your hard-earned money to someone whom you don’t trust? You need to make sure that the broker is going to use your money for the right purpose. When you choose an unregulated forex broker, meaning there is no regulatory body supervising and watching over the activities of the brokers. This gives these unregulated forex brokers an upper hand over their clients, and they start exploiting them. This is the reason why you see so many scams and frauds happening in the online forex industry. Here, it is you who are to blame. Checking the broker’s credentials is the first and most basic step for any trader. How transparent a broker is in terms of showing their documentation to the clients is a sign of professionalism. It’s a legit feature of a good broker.

Regulated and Unregulated Forex Brokers

While there’s no central authority to protect all forex brokers, many countries have their own regulatory bodies that monitor and oversee forex trading activities and the legitimacy of forex brokers. It would be helpful to do some research regarding regulatory bodies in your country before you choose any broker. Take some time out and do all that you can so that you are able to choose a broker who is genuinely regulated. After all, the safety of your capital is the first step towards your success in forex trading.

Only Settle For The Best!

Besides checking the regulatory status of your forex broker, it is equally important that you go through different aspects such as trading environment, instruments, leverage, spread and more. Trading forex is not as easy as you think. Thus, before you actually place trades, make sure you fully understand the forex basics. If you are not aware of what a spread is, how can you differentiate between two forex brokers offering high and low spreads, respectively? Here are some important things that you can check when selecting a forex broker.

  • Ensure that you have a fully-functional trading platform which is easy to navigate and has all the relevant tools and charts.
  • Also, check the account types and the features each of them offers. This will help you choose a particular account type suitable for your trading requirements.
  • Try out their customer support service. You can ask them some questions via call or email to check if they offer an immediate response or take some time to reply.

Overall, the best forex brokers offer everything you need to be successful in forex trading. This is so because when you make a profit, they make a profit. This is the reason you should always settle for the best forex broker.


In the end, one can say that your success as a trader depends upon you. The world will always have both good and bad people, and the forex market is no exception. With your knowledge, you can easily identify your needs. And, once you do so. You can select the right forex broker for yourself, eventually leading to profits and ultimate success in the forex world.