Cee-C and Nina quarrel over meat, fake nominations [Day 50 recap]

After the workout and the breakfast, Lolu and Bambam sat down to discuss why the other housemates would consider them fake.

Bambam said that she felt like an ATM which is always expected to give back what she gets. She also said that she didn’t feel like she needed to react at all time to every single joke, jab or gist.

Bambam believed that people should just mind their own business and not meddle into others’ lives. For Bambam, the only Housemates she owed an allegiance to were Teddy A and Rico Swavey, and she said she didn’t care what others thought of her.

However, Bambam added that she had to confront Alex about her comments during the previous day live Eviction show.

Lolu then advised her to come out of her shell, and show more of herself as much as she may want to use the ATM analogy.

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